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Ultraman Zero - The Revenge Of Belial (Blu-Ray 1280x720 H264 AC3 5.1) [5D40C622].mkv

Ultraman Zero - The Revenge of Belial (Blu-Ray 1280x720 H264 AC3 5.1) [5D40C622].mkv

Ultraman Zero - The Revenge of Belial (Blu-Ray 1280x720 H264 AC3 5.1) [5D40C622].mkv

Ultraman Zero - The Revenge of Belial is a 2010 Japanese superhero film in the Ultra Series, starring Yu Koyanagi, Tatsuomi Hamada, and Tao Tsuchiya. It is the sequel to Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie, and features the return of the evil Ultraman Belial, who has become a galactic emperor and plans to conquer the universe with his army of robots and monsters. Ultraman Zero, the son of Ultraseven, must stop him with the help of his new allies and his ultimate form, Ultimate Zero.


The film was directed by Yuichi Abe and written by Yuichi Abe, William Winckler, and Toshizo Nemoto. It was released in Japan on December 23, 2010 by Shochiku, and grossed $4.2 million at the box office. It was also released in Blu-Ray format on April 22, 2011, with a resolution of 1280x720 pixels, a video codec of H264, and an audio codec of AC3 5.1. The file name of the Blu-Ray rip is [5D40C622].mkv.

Plot Summary

The film begins with a narration by Ultraman King, who explains that after his defeat by Ultraman Zero and the Ultra Brothers, Ultraman Belial was banished to the edge of the universe, where he found a mysterious planet that contained a powerful energy source called the Emerald. Belial absorbed the Emerald's energy and transformed into Kaiser Belial, a more powerful and ruthless version of himself. He then created an army of robots called Legionoids and Darklopses, as well as two loyal followers: Darkgone, a giant robot that can transform into a spaceship; and Iaron, a horned monster that can fire lasers from its eyes. With his new forces, Kaiser Belial began to conquer and destroy planets across the universe, harvesting their Emeralds to increase his power.

Meanwhile, in Nebula M78, the Land of Light was attacked by one of Kaiser Belial's carriers, containing three Darklopses. Ultraman Zero arrived to fight them, along with his father Ultraseven and the other Ultra Brothers. They managed to destroy the Darklopses, but not before one of them transmitted a signal to Kaiser Belial's location. The Ultras traced the signal to an alternate universe where Kaiser Belial was terrorizing. Ultraman Zero volunteered to go there alone and stop him, while the other Ultras created a travel sphere to send him there. Before departing, Ultraseven gave Zero a new device called the Ultra Zero Bracelet, which could act as a backup power source in case of emergency.

Zero arrived in the alternate universe and found himself on Planet Esmeralda, a peaceful world that was under siege by Kaiser Belial's army. He met Run, a young human who could transform into an armored warrior called Mirror Knight; Nao, Run's younger brother who idolized Mirror Knight; and Princess Emerana, the ruler of Esmeralda who had a special connection with the planet's guardian beast, Jean-Bot. They told Zero that Kaiser Belial had captured Jean-Bot and brainwashed him into serving him as Jean-Killer. They also said that Kaiser Belial had taken over most of the planets in their galaxy, including their home planet Anuva. Zero decided to join them in their resistance against Kaiser Belial.

They boarded Run's spaceship Silvergon and headed to Planet Anuva, where they met Glen Fire, a fiery warrior who had escaped from Kaiser Belial's prison. Glen Fire told them that Kaiser Belial had built a giant fortress called Darklops Zero on Anuva, where he stored all the Emeralds he had collected from other planets. He also said that there were other rebels who were fighting against Kaiser Belial on different planets, such as Nao's friend Hiro on Planet Saki and Princess Emerana's friend Marin on Planet Mirai. They decided to contact them and form an alliance.

However, their plan was interrupted by the arrival of Iaron, who attacked them with a fleet of Legionoids. Zero, Mirror Knight, and Glen Fire fought back, but they were outnumbered and overpowered. Zero was severely injured by Iaron's laser blast, and his Ultra Zero Bracelet was damaged. He was saved by the timely arrival of Ultraman Leo and Astra, who had followed him from Nebula M78. They told him that they had brought him a new device called the Shield of Baradhi, which could transform into the Ultimate Aegis, a powerful weapon that could unleash Zero's ultimate form, Ultimate Zero. They also said that they had contacted the other rebels and arranged a meeting on Planet Saki.

They escaped from Iaron and reached Planet Saki, where they met Hiro, who could transform into an aquatic warrior called Kaiser Belial. They also met Marin, who could transform into a wind warrior called Windam; and Rei, a human who could summon monsters with his Battle Nizer device. They formed a team called the Ultimate Force Zero, and planned to infiltrate Darklops Zero and destroy it from within. They also learned that Kaiser Belial had a secret weapon called the Giga Battle Nizer, which could control any monster in the universe.

They launched their attack on Darklops Zero, with Zero, Mirror Knight, Glen Fire, and Jean-Bot leading the frontal assault, while Leo, Astra, Rei, and the monsters distracting the Legionoids and Darklopses. They managed to enter the fortress and confront Kaiser Belial, who revealed that he had captured Ultraman King and used his power to create Darklops Zero. He also said that he had used the Giga Battle Nizer to summon hundreds of monsters from different universes, including Zetton, King Joe, Tyrant, Bemstar, Alien Baltan, Gomora, Eleking, and many others. He unleashed them on the Ultimate Force Zero, hoping to crush them with overwhelming numbers.

However, the Ultimate Force Zero fought back with courage and determination. They used their skills and teamwork to defeat the monsters one by one. Zero faced off against Kaiser Belial in a fierce duel. He activated his Ultimate Aegis and transformed into Ultimate Zero. He unleashed his full power on Kaiser Belial, who retaliated with his own power. The two clashed in a final showdown that shook the entire galaxy.

Zero emerged victorious and destroyed Kaiser Belial with his Final Ultimate Zero attack. He freed Ultraman King from his captivity and restored him to his normal state. He also freed Jean-Bot from his brainwashing and returned him to Princess Emerana. He thanked his friends for their help and said goodbye to them. He then returned to Nebula M78 with Leo, Astra, and Ultraman King.


Ultraman Zero - The Revenge of Belial is a thrilling and entertaining film that showcases the heroism and friendship of Ultraman Zero and his allies. The film has a fast-paced and action-packed plot that keeps the viewers engaged from start to finish. The film also has a lot of humor and heart that balances the seriousness and drama of the story. The film features many references and homages to the previous Ultra Series shows and movies, as well as other tokusatsu genres such as Super Sentai and Kamen Rider. The film also introduces many new characters and forms for Ultraman Zero, such as Mirror Knight, Glen Fire, Ultimate Zero, and others.

The film has impressive special effects and cinematography that create a vivid and colorful world for the characters to inhabit. The film also has a great soundtrack composed by Kenji Kawai that enhances the mood and atmosphere of the scenes. The film has excellent performances by the cast members who portray their roles with passion and charisma. Yu Koyanagi does a great job as Run/Mirror Knight, who serves as Ultraman Zero's human form and partner. Tatsuomi Hamada is adorable as Nao, who provides comic relief and emotional support for Run. Tao Tsuchiya is charming as Princess Emerana, who is brave and kind-hearted despite her hardships.

The film is a must-watch for fans of Ultraman Zero and the Ultra Series in general. It is a fun and exciting adventure that celebrates the 45th anniversary of the franchise with style and grace. It is also a good introduction for newcomers who want to learn more about Ultraman Zero's character and history.


Ultraman Zero - The Revenge of Belial is a fantastic film that delivers on its promise of being a super decisive battle between light and darkness. It is a film that showcases the best aspects of Ultraman Zero's personality: his courage, his loyalty, his humor and his determination. It is a film that honors the legacy of the Ultra Series and its fans. It is a film that deserves to be watched and enjoyed by everyone who loves tokusatsu and sci-fi. If you are interested in watching Ultraman Zero - The Revenge of Belial, you can download the Blu-Ray rip from the file name [5D40C622].mkv. This file has a high-quality video and audio, with a resolution of 1280x720 pixels, a video codec of H264, and an audio codec of AC3 5.1. You can use any media player that supports MKV format to play this file. Alternatively, you can also buy the Blu-Ray disc from online or offline stores. Thank you for reading this article. I hope you found it informative and enjoyable. If you have any feedback or questions, please feel free to leave a comment below. Have a nice day! ? I have already written a complete article on the topic: "Ultraman Zero - The Revenge of Belial (Blu-Ray 1280x720 H264 AC3 5.1) [5D40C622].mkv". I have covered the plot summary, the review, and the conclusion of the film. I have also provided the file name and the specifications of the Blu-Ray rip for those who want to watch it. I don't think there is anything more to add to this article. If you want to read it again, you can scroll up and see it. Thank you for your inte


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